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Membership Prices

Memberships are available to the Student Recreation Center and Chinook Student Center facilities. Membership options are available to everyone affiliated with the WSU community. 

Browse prices and membership options below. Not sure which membership is right for you? Visit our membership FAQ to learn more.

Purchase a membership online, and take advantage of all there is to offer!
Membership Type Annual Semester Summer
SRC Faculty Staff Primary $456 $205 $113
SRC Faculty Staff Spouse/Partner $456 $205 $113
SRC Alumni Assoc. Primary $592 $263 $147
SRC Interim/Part-time Student N/A $157 $93
SRC Student Spouse/Partner $337 $169 $98
Chinook Faculty Staff Primary $288 $126 $78
Chinook Faculty Staff Spouse/Partner $288 $126 $78
Chinook Alumni Assoc. Primary $375 $163 $99
Chinook Interim/Part-time/Graduate Student N/A $98 $64
Chinook Student Spouse/Partner $209 $105 $69
Chinook & SRC Faculty Staff Primary Bundle $663 $298* $162
Chinook & SRC Faculty Staff Spouse/Partner Bundle $592 $298* $162
Chinook & SRC Alumni Assoc. Primary Bundle $855 $385* $212
Chinook & SRC Interim/Part-time/Graduate Student N/A N/A N/A
Chinook & SRC Student Spouse/Partner Bundle $537 $270* $162

*Semester Chinook & SRC memberships are available and pro-rated on a sliding scale. Contact the Membership Office for more details at 509-335-4227.

Do students have access to SRC & Chinook facilities?

Undergraduate students enrolled in seven or more Pullman based credits have access to the Student Recreation Center, the Stephenson Fitness Center and the Chinook Student Center. Their membership is based on the semester in which their student fees are paid.   

Graduate/Professional students have access to the Student Recreation Center and the Stephenson Fitness Center. Their membership is based on the semester in which their student fees are paid. Graduate/Professional students may purchase a semester membership to the Chinook Student Center at the same rate as the undergraduate mandatory fee.

Part-time students (six credits or less) may purchase semester memberships to the SRC and/or Chinook.  Students enrolled in fall 2021 have access beginning August 13.

Membership dates are as follows:

  • Fall - August 1 through December 31
  • Spring - January 1 through May 15
  • Summer - May 1 through August 15

Who can purchase memberships for SRC & Chinook facilities?

SRC & Chinook offer a variety of membership options to our Faculty/Staff members and Alumni Association members. The following guidelines will help you determine your eligibility for a membership:

  • Faculty/Staff- Current and retired Faculty/Staff members are eligible for Semester and Annual Memberships.
  • Alumni Association Members- Current members of the WSU Alumni Association are eligible for Semester and Annual Memberships
  • Spouse/Partner Members- Additional memberships are available to spouse/partners of WSU students, Faculty/Staff and Alumni Association Members on a semester and Annual basis.

Prices vary dependent on the facility for which the membership is purchased. Annual memberships are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase. Semester memberships are as follows:

  • Fall- August 1 through December 31
  • Spring- January 1 through May 15
  • Summer- May 1 through August 15

Students staying in Pullman over the Summer

  • Undergraduate students staying in Pullman who are registered in summer classes will have to the SRC & Chinook.*  Graduate students enrolled in classes will have access to the SRC
  • Students who are not taking summer classes, your SRC or Chinook membership will not carry over into the summer.  
    • Students assessed the mandatory fee have access through May 15 

*Students enrolled in online classes are not assessed the mandatory fee.