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Lockers in the SRC and Chinook locker rooms are available for purchase by semester or by calendar year. 

  Student:         Non-Student:
  Half Full Half Full
Semester/Summer $20 $30 $30 $45
Annual $40 $60 $60 $90

Purchase or Renew a Locker Now!


  • Lockers at the SRC & Chinook are available in the Men's, Women's and All Gender Locker Rooms. 
  • WSU Faculty/Staff members may elect to payroll deduct their locker purchase or renewal, as long as they do so at the same time as purchasing or renewing their membership.

  • Half-size lockers are available at the SRC (full-size available) & Chinook for purchase. If no full-size lockers are available, members can be placed on a waitlist (Please see below for policies).

  • Lockers that are not renewed must be cleared out by the given expiration date. Patrons with expiring lockers will be notified at least three weeks in advance via email and locker expiration notice.

  • Items left in expired lockers will be held for 30 days. Any unclaimed items held after 30 days will be discarded. Toiletries are discarded upon clean-out. 

  • University Recreation or Chinook is not responsible for lost or stolen content. University Recreation or Chinook is also not responsible for content left in expired lockers.

Full-sized Locker Upgrade Wait List and Policies

  • In order to be placed on the Full-sized locker wait list, members:
    • Must maintain a current half-sized locker
    • Must maintain a current membership
    • Must maintain their contact information on the wait list through communication with the Membership Office
  • Members on the wait list will be notified of locker upgrade opportunities via email and phone.
    • Members will have two weeks to respond to messages pertaining to the locker upgrade.

For more information, please contact David Grassi at