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Contact University Recreation:  509.335.8732 or or visit SRC 142.

* Appointments/Cancellations/Rescheduling must be made at least 24 hours in advance of appointment.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions focus specifically on your fitness goals and needs. A one-on-one personal training session will allow a trainer to focus on your needs and ensure proper form. With the purchase of sessions, you receive a free 30 minute goal session.

The goal session is designed for you to meet with your trainer, discuss previous exercise, and health history. As part of your Goal Session, your trainer may conduct an optional Functional Movement Screen (FMS). This is a tool that allows your trainer to assess your basic movement patterns, identify potential asymmetries and limitations, and develop a training program to address these issues.


Number of Sessions

Price per Session (Member)











Buddy and Triple Sessions

Buddy sessions allow you and a friend to go through a personal training session together, and triple sessions allow you and two friends to train together. With buddy and triple sessions, our trainers can design a program that is both catered to you and your friends' goals while flexible enough to be continued in the future. Buddy and triple sessions are great for people planning on making a habit out of working out together or for those who want to save money on the cost of personal training.

Buddy Session Price: $40 per session
Triple Session Price: $60 per session

Four Week Programs

A Four-Week Training Program consists of six different scientifically founded programs to suit your needs, whether they be bulking up, slimming down, or just improving problematic areas.

Research has shown that two to six week training cycles are most effective and provide the best results. The body learns to adapt to a constant training stimulus and it is therefore important to change your routine every four weeks.

With the purchase of a program you will receive one complimentary training session and your own four-week program training packet. Your one time session with a personal trainer will allow you to ask questions and receive proper guidance on exercise form and technique before you begin the program on your own. The packet contains nutritional information, your baseline body composition, exercise pictures with descriptions, and blank exercise sheets for tracking.

Who is the four-week training program designed for?

These four-week programs are specifically designed for an individual who has resistance training experience. If you are unsure whether these four week programs are for you, ask a staff member in SRC 142.

Types of four-week programs:

There are six different four-week programs to choose from, each with a different area of emphasis:

  • AbSession
  • Everything Butt
  • Monster Mass
  • Fat Burner
  • Body Sculpt
  • Circuit Training: Low Impact, High Intensity

Price: $43 (SRC Members)

60 Minute Consultations

Sit down with a UREC trainer and ask all of your long awaited questions with a 60 minute consultation. Bring a list of questions, your workout plan, and make the most of the hour! Our trainers can provide guidance on weight loss, increasing muscle mass, training for events, and much more.

Price:  $28 per person

Weight Room and Cardio Equipment Orientations

UREC is pleased to offer free weight room and cardio equipment orientations to our members in order to demonstrate how to use equipment safely and effectively. To take advantage of this service, please complete the registration form (available at the SRC) and make an appointment in SRC 142. Due to trainer schedules, we ask that you please call at least 24 hours in advance before you would like your orientation to take place.

Price:  FREE

How Do I Make an Appointment for any Personal Training Service?

Making an appointment with a UREC personal trainer is easy! Simply browse our Trainer Profiles and choose the individual whose schedule, experience, and specializations you feel most fit your needs (bios are also available in SRC 142). Next you will need to fill out a personal training registration form and return it to the SRC Service Counter with payment. Finally, you will need to schedule your 30-minute goal session (free with session purchase) in SRC 142.

Contact 509.335.8732 to schedule your appointment and get started today!