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Questions about the following policies? Email or call 509-335-9444.

  • Access to Reserved Chinook Rooms

    Patrons may access their reserved space only during the "Pre-Event," "Event," and "Post-Event" times as indicated on the reservation form.  All guests and non-Chinook property must exit the reserved space by the appointed time. Late fees will be assessed at a rate of $250/hour.

  • Storage

    Storage space for event-related materials is not available in the Chinook Student Center.

  • Audio/Visual & Event Equipment

    Basic audio/visual equipment, tables/chairs, and setup/takedown labor are included in venue prices for Chinook event spaces.  Additional audio/visual needs can be discussed with the event scheduler during an event planning meetings. The Chinook does not rent equipment for outside use, however, Beasley Coliseum offers a variety of event equipment rentals.

  • Decorations

    All decorations must be approved by and coordinated with specific permission from Chinook administration.  Small glitter and glow sticks are prohibited.

  • Catering

    Catering can be reached at 509-335-3570 or

    There is no catering exclusivity in the Chinook, however, only caterers licensed in Whitman County are permitted. Prepackaged food and beverages may also be allowed.

  • 14 Day Notice

    Depending on size and complexity of the event, online event reservations must be made at least 14 days in advance.  Various event and facility staff need to be scheduled to accommodate each event and adequate time is needed for event organizers to meet with event schedulers to finalize details.

  • Cancellation

    Cancellation within 60 days of the reservation will result in a 25 percent cancellation fee; labor charges will be applied if staff already set up for the event.  There will be no cancellation fee if a reservation is cancelled in less than 3 business days after the reservation was initially made.

  • RSO Scheduling Options and Discounts

    Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) can schedule an unlimited number of two-hour reservations in the Chinook classroom at no charge.

    RSOs receive one event venue fee waiver per year. This waiver includes reasonable event labor.

  • Tabling

    Tabling for the promotion of events, activities, or groups is allowed only for campus groups. Non-department tabling and promotions at the Chinook is limited to the area in front of the Chinook by the concrete benches. Tabling is limited to recognized campus student group or departments. Solicitations or sales of any kind are not allowed by non UREC groups.