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Workshop & Clinics

Why Workshops?

Have you ever had questions about the tsunami of information that comes flooding at you daily concerning health and fitness topics via the ever so “credible publications” such as Facebook and Instagram? Sarcasm and jokes aside, it seems in today’s world that everyone is some sort of trainer, or health expert coming at you with the latest trick.  Sadly, a large portion of these individuals have no clue what they are talking about, and often provide more harm than good.  Finding credible sources can be cumbersome and confusing, so let UREC help you. Our FREE Personal Training Workshops are conducted by Nationally Certified Trainers who make every effort to provide you with the most up to date, unbiased research on the latest fitness trends, workout routines, fitness gimmicks, and much more.

Spring 2019  PT Workshops

 Workshop Title Date Time  Location  Trainers
 How to Meal Prep: Dorm Edition   1/9/2019 4:00-5:00PM  SRC Classroom  Kayleigh & Katie
 How to Train Around an Injury  1/25/2019 6:00-7:00PM  SRC Classroom  Shawn & Emelee
 HITT for Dumbies   2/11/2019 5:00-6:00PM  SRC Classroom  Jacey & Kristen
 How to Safely Progress Movement Patterns  2/20/2019 5:00-6:00PM  Back Yard Building  John & Shawn
 Injury Prevention 101  2/22/2019 6:30-7:30PM  SRC Classroom  Matt and Javad
 Psychosocial Benefits of Group Exercise   3/6/2019 7:00-8:00PM  SRC Classroom  Ashley and Michael S
 How to Prime your Nervous System to Improve your Lifts  3/24/2019 3:00-4:00PM  SRC Classroom  Tyler & Gretchen
 Sex Differences in Strength Training  4/1/2019 5:00-6:00PM  SRC Classroom  Abi & Michael D