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Appointments & Prices

Make an appointment!

Appointments can now be made easier then ever before.  Visit our online website where you can schedule goal sessions, purchase session packages and even schedule your preexisting one on one sessions with a PT of your choice.  To schedule a goal session:

  • View our personal trainers bio's located here.
  • After identifying who you want to work with schedule your complimentary goal session here.
    1. On the Request Booking page select your desired PT in the Select Instructor drop down list.
    2. In the Choose Appointment Type section select Complimentary Goal Session.
      • If you don't currently have an account the website will prompt you to create one.
    3. You will then be prompted to schedule yourself in your desired trainers schedule (use calendar view for easiest navigation).  
      • Note, the system will not allow you to schedule sessions within 24 hours.
    4. Confirm the goal session & show up to SRC 142 on the date/time selected.
    5. After the goal session your trainer will help you in the purchasing process!
      • Purchases can be done online, at the SRC, or even via the OneFitStop App.

If you need assistance making an appointment contact University Recreation at 509.335.8732 or Ramon Sodano at 509.335.1812 or

* Appointments/Cancellations/Rescheduling must be made at least 24 hours in advance of appointment.

Types of Sessions

Complimentary Goal Sessions

All SRC and Chinook members are entitled to a free 30 minute goal session with a personal trainer of their choice.  No sessions need to be purchased prior.  This is a time where a member can sit down with a trainer, pick their brain, discuss their goals, and find a session package that best suits their needs.  Please note, no assessments or training will take place during the complimentary goal session.  Rather, this is a time to determine if a trainer is the right fit for you, and if so, to identity the optimal path to achieve your goals. 

Individual Sessions

After the “Goal Session” and purchase of a given package your personal trainer will first evaluate you on various assessments that are particular to your individual goals (all assessments are optional). After the consultation your trainer will design an individualized program that adheres to your goals and current fitness level.  On the second session it’s time to head out onto the training floor and let your personal trainer guide you through a personalized workout.  During all your sessions your trainer will carefully monitor intensities, form, and technique to make sure you receive the full benefits from your training session!


Personal Training Session Package Options
Package Session Rate Total Cost
1 Single Session $28 $28
4 Session Package $25 $100
8 Session Package $24 $192
12 Session Package $23 $276
16 Session Package $22 $352
Custom packages are available upon request. Note, custom package individual rates will revert to the indivdual session rate of the package below it. For example, if 14 sessions were purchased the individual rate would be $23.

Buddy and Triple Sessions

Buddy sessions allow you and a friend to go through a personal training session together, and triple sessions allow you and two friends to train together. With buddy and triple sessions, our trainers can design a program that is both catered to you and your friends' goals while flexible enough to be continued in the future. Buddy and triple sessions are great for people planning on making a habit out of working out together or for those who want to save money on the cost of personal training.

Buddy Session Price: $40 per session
Triple Session Price: $60 per session

60 Minute Consultations

Sit down with a UREC trainer and ask all of your long awaited questions with a 60 minute consultation. Bring a list of questions, your workout plan, and make the most of the hour! Our trainers can provide guidance on weight loss, increasing muscle mass, training for events, and much more.

Price:  $28 per person

Weight Room and Cardio Equipment Orientations

The SRC and Chinook are pleased to offer free weight room and cardio equipment orientations to our members in order to demonstrate how to use equipment safely and effectively. To take advantage of this service, please complete the registration form (available at the SRC) and make an appointment in SRC 142. Due to trainer schedules, we ask that you please call at least 24 hours in advance before you would like your orientation to take place.

Price:  FREE