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View frequently asked questions regarding the Chinook Student Center.

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  • How will the Chinook be funded?

    In March 2015, WSU students voted to increase undergraduate student fees to generate funding needed to cover the Chinook project.

    All WSU Pullman undergraduate students pay this fee if enrolled in seven or more credits during an academic semester, or enrolled in summer classes. The fee is amounts to $98 per academic semester. Summer fees vary based on an appropriate proration. The fee will be applied to currently enrolled student accounts beginning the first semester the facility is open.

    The fee generates $3.3 million per year for renovation cost and ongoing expenses of the building. The total budget for the Chinook project will not exceed $32 million.

  • How does membership at the Chinook work?

    Fee-paying undergraduate students enrolled in seven or more credits can gain access to the Chinook using their CougarCard ID.

    Non fee-paying students, faculty and staff can choose to purchase a membership or day/guest pass to access the facility.

    Membership is not needed to access dining facilities, including the Freshëns Fresh Food Studio and Espresso Bar.

  • What gender-neutral spaces exist in the Chinook?

    The Chinook Student Center includes several spaces and amenities that are open to all, regardless of gender identity.

    All-Gender Locker Room
    Location: Basement
    This locker area includes changing rooms with floor-to-ceiling privacy walls. Each room contains its own sink, toilet and shower stall. Communal lockers are available through membership and can also be rented for day use. 

    All-Gender Restrooms
    Location: Ground Floor
    This space includes multiple stalls with floor-to-ceiling privacy walls and a communal sink area.

    Location: First Floor
    There are four ADA-compliant, single-stall restrooms. Changing stations are also available in restrooms on this floor.

    Single-Gender Facilities
    Women's and men's restrooms and locker rooms are available on the first floor and at the basement level.

  • What forms of payment can I use at Freshëns?

    Short answer:  Cougar CASH, credit, debit, and cash are accepted.

    Long answer:  The Chinook Student Center’s Freshëns Fresh Food Studio is independently operated and managed by the Chinook Student Center. Revenue from this operation goes back into supporting the Chinook budget to help keep costs lower for Chinook patrons. The Dining Services’ Resident Dining Account (RDA) is not a payment option at this location, but accepts CougarCASH, debit and credit cards.  However, students can use RDA at the Freshëns and Carlita’s Mexican Grille  each located in the Compton Union Building, as well as at other Dining Services operations located across campus.

  • Will the Chinook have table tennis?

    At this point there is not a plan to place table tennis in the Chinook.  The Chinook staff are continuing to evaluate student needs, and will certainly take student feedback into consideration as more spaces open in the Chinook.

  • How does the chalkboard wall work?

    There is a chalk wall on the first floor of the Chinook where students can draw, write, create, and erase! This is a public wall. Please be respectful, and do not stand on tables and chairs. A step stool has been provided for your convenience. It is cleaned every Saturday morning for new artwork opportunities.

    If you see something that is not appropriate, please let the service desk know and they will address it. Chinook Staff reserves the right to clear the board as needed.

  • Can memberships and lockers be transfered between the Student Recreation Center and Chinook?

    Unfortunately, memberships and lockers cannot be transferred between the Chinook or the Student Recreation Center.  If you are interested in both locations, you can purchase a membership for one and get the other at a discount.  Learn more about the membership pricing and options.

  • Can guest or day passes be used at the Chinook or Student Recreation Center?

    Yes, guest and day passes can be used at the Student Recreation Center or the Chinook.  It is recommended that you keep your receipt for verification of purchase.