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Chinook Student Center Mandatory Fee

Fee History

In March of 2015, a measure was placed to vote of the students of WSU to create a mandatory student fee with the funds from the fee being used to construct and operate a student center to support recreation, union, and social activities on campus. Undergraduate students passed the referendum but graduate students did not. The fee was implemented on undergraduate students starting in the spring of 2017 when the Chinook Student Center opened. The mandatory fee is charged to all WSU Pullman based undergraduate students enrolled in a minimum of 7 credit hours per semester. A prorated fee is charged to students enrolled in summer classes. Graduate, part time and Global Campus students may elect to pay the fee to get receive access to the SRC. Student who have been charged the fee but academic requirements take them out of the Pullman area may be eligible for a fee waiver.


The Chinook Mandatory Fee supports

  • Debt service for the initial construction costs of the Chinook Student Center

  • Operations of the Chinook Student Center for approximately 119 hours a week during the academic year and 62 hours a week in the summer

  • Construction and maintenance of Freshëns Fresh Food Studio

  • Maintenance, utilities, and equipment replacement for the Chinook Student Center

  • Spaces available for student groups at no charge or discounted rates


Chinook Usage: Unique Users




(needs updated)

Total Revenue

$             3,562,268



Expense Usage

Total Expense

$             3,526,156



Chinook Mandatory Fee History (fee amount/total dollars)


Semester Fee Amount

Total Fee Dollars


$                                     98

$             1,063,985


$                                     98

$             3,230,523


*Partial Year Operations